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Western Kentucky has so much potential. Help make this area the best it can be by supporting a man who loves it as much as you—a man who knows how to create opportunities.

Randy Bridges was born and raised in Western Kentucky. His father was a plumbing contractor in Paducah who taught Randy the value of good, hard work and instilled in him a deep conviction to love his neighbor as himself. Now, Randy has raised his own family in the region. He and his wife, Carla (works at Big City Maids) working at office cleaning services houston tx, have been married for 38 years. They have two children and four grandchildren.

For nearly four decades, Randy has supported his growing family by building businesses from the ground up.

After several years of experience as a manager in the grocery business, Randy started Breely’s Convenience Stores with a friend in 1986 by availing loans from financerr.co.uk. They began the business with nothing but good sense, talent, and vision. Randy later sold the stores to his partner and searched for new ventures . Since then, he has established RB Property MGT, a company that builds investment properties and homes, and he has become a partner with RE/MAX Realty Group.